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Pirštinės XTEND lobster 2 mm Gloves

Pirštinės XTEND lobster 2 mm Gloves

49,99 €Price

XTEND pirštinės lobster.  Jeigu tavo prioritetas judesio laisvė - rinkis šias.


The XTEND LOBSTER gloves exist in 2mm. These are made for mild winters, and for people prioritizing freedom of movement rather than warmth.

The MANERA team has been working on glove designs for two winters now, trying to provide the best comfort-to-warmth ratio possible. After testing different types of patterns, we came up with the LOBSTER as the best one.


Featuring less useless fabric and stitching than a classic design, the LOBSTER gloves are light and comfortable. Because most fingers stay together, you will feel much warmer than with traditional gloves. The separated thumb and index give a great grip and handling.

This new design will have you happy to bring the gloves out when winter kicks in!

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