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Vandens kepurė WATERCAP 2024

Vandens kepurė WATERCAP 2024

29,99 €Price

Sukurta apsaugoti tave.  Pagaminta iš super lengvos ir vandeniui atsparios medžiagos. Saugo tave ir lieka kartu net ir per stipriausius vėjus ir crashus. Sukurta nešioti vandenyje, bet puikiai tinka ir krante. 


Built to protect you both inside and outside of the water, the WATERCAP is made of a super light and waterproof boardshort material. Its fit has been specifically developed to feel comfortable and stay on your head even in the strongest winds or duckdives.

That’s the cap you’ll be wearing all day long, whether you’re chilling on the beach or having fun in the water.

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