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PriceFrom 245,00 €

Manera sukūrė  747 krepšį keliautojams, kurie vežasi kaitavimo įranga ir surf lentą su savimi.  Jei taupai kiekvieną kilogramą rinkis light modelį, jei svarbu komfortas vežant įrangą rinkis krepšį su ratukais.


The 747 wheels is the go-to bag for surf riders that want high protection. It is built with soft wheels which make it very convenient to carry around, it has an 8mm high protective foam to unsure your gear is safe. It features high quality polyester.

  • Polyester 600D

    Our bags are built in premium Polyester 600D, this is a choc, tearing, UV and water resistant material. It guarantees the best durability to our products.

  • YKK zippers

    We use heavy-duty 8mm YKK zippers built in a high-quality plastic. It avoids any crack, corrosion, and allow a fluid run every time you open/close the bag.

  • Stiff layer

    A rigid protective divider has been added in the middle of the bag to separate the foils from the boards. It ensures the foils do not damage the board, and vice versa.

  • Thick foam

    WHEELS versions are padded with a thick 8mm foamthat guarantees the best protection.

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