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Ultra-stiff and durable, the F-ONE Carbon Mast 16 will bring instant feedback and direct sensations while foiling.


  • 16mm profile
  • High rigidity for a more direct feel 
  • Full Monobloc construction 
  • Immediate feedback and connection 
  • Increased durability


Ref. 77237-0701 / 77237-0702
Length : 80 cm / 85 cm


    The Carbon Mast 16mm thick is intrinsically very stiff and offers the best compromise between rigidity and glide. It features both a new integrated top plate and TITAN mast foot at the bottom. This full Monobloc construction brings absolute rigidity and helps reduce drag to a minimum, leading to easier starts and the utmost connection between the foil and the board. Every small steering and input will immediately translate down to the foil, and the feedback will be just as direct. 

    The mast is in one piece and built in carbon pre-preg, all molded and cured in one shot. Our SPINE internal structure ensures the best rigidity and control while riding. The layers of carbon fibers have been carefully distributed at 0° lengthwise to optimize stiffness in bending and at about 45° to optimize stiffness in torsion. Our specific layup leads to the best compromise between bending and torsional stiffness, allowing you to fully stay in control and comfortable in all situations and at high speeds. 

    This mast can be connected to virtually all boards on the market featuring the Twin-Tracks system and can receive all the wings and fuselage that feature the TITAN connection slot. 

    Available in 80cm and 85cm, this mast is perfect for all things foiling, and offering top-of-the-range performance in all conditions. The 80cm is our newest size and was developed specifically for surf foiling, offering better pumping abilities and reducing undesirable breaching of the wingtips on the waves. 

    Let it glide with the F-ONE Carbon Mast 16, an outstanding and efficient mast that offers the most direct feeling, easy turns, excellent maneuvering, and effective pumping. 


    Sizes (cm) 80 85
    Weight (kg) 1.76 1.88
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