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Neopreninė kepurė MAGMA CAP

Neopreninė kepurė MAGMA CAP

69,99 €Price

Naujoji MANERA kepurė padeda apsaugoti tavo galvą ir ausis. Nevaržo judesių, leidžia kaklui judėti. Puikiai tiks vesioms wingo, surfo ar kaito sesijoms.


Infos & Characteristics

Protecting your head is key to a good session, but also in the long term to prevent “surfer’s ear”. Hoods are often not the most adapted tools for wind sports, as they can be kind of restrictive when you are always looking right or left.

Caps do not cover the neck, and thus allow a better freedom of movement. They are great for the colder wing foiling and kiting days. 

The Magma Cap features glide skin to cut the wind chill, and Magma+ Fleece on the inside for warmth and fast drying. This is the ultimate accessory for cold and windy days.

  • Spec

    Flexibility Warmth Comfort
    85% 100% 100%


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