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Pirštinės MAGMA Open palm Gloves

Pirštinės MAGMA Open palm Gloves

44,99 €Price

MAGMA pirštinės atvirais delnais. Puiki alternatyva, kuri nevargins tavo dilbių.


Put an end to windy winter sessions and tetanized forearms!

Kiting, wing foiling or windsurfing in cold weather is not easy, and the use of conventional neoprene gloves quickly causes your forearms to tense up, drastically shortening your sessions.


MANERA's Open Palm gloves insulate your hands from the wind and cold with their glide-skin on the outside and MAGMA+ fleece on the inside. They still maintain a natural, easy grip and direct contact with the bar, handles, or boom.

They keep your hands warm and your arms comfortable, even in the middle of winter.


  • Spec

    Flexibility Warmth Comfort
    85% 100% 100%


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