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STORMY ESKIMO Poncho - tavo apsauga net ir žiemą. Jis apsaugos, sušildys, išdžiovins ir  padės persirengti komfortiškai. ESKIMO poncho sukurtas BLIZZARD pagrindu, todėl jis neperšlampa, o vėjas jo neperpučia.


We have fused our BLIZZARD with our high-quality ponchos in order to offer the ultimate winter accessory. The outside features a waterproof, windproof and light shell that protects you from the elements, while the inside towel provides extra warmth and keeps you dry.

Whether you want to stay on the beach waiting for the conditions, or just use it as a poncho to change, the STORMY will be your best winter partner.

The shell is 100% recycled.


Stay Warm and dry in the worst winter conditions


Color: NAVY

    Water/wind repellent

    The outside waterproof, windproof and light shell protects you from the elements.

    Inner soft towel

    The inside towel provides extra warmth and keeps you dry.

    Warm hand pockets

    The STORMY features two hand pockets on the chest, which include a soft towel inside to keep your hands warm and dry.

    Big pockets

    Just below the hand pockets are two big, Velcro-secured pockets to store all your stuff.

    Nylon zipper

    The strong, non-corrosive zipper ensures a long-lasting product, even when exposed to saltwater.


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