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Wingo lentos pavadėlis FOIL LEASH LITE

Wingo lentos pavadėlis FOIL LEASH LITE

39,99 €Price

Trumpas, elastingas FOIL LEASH LITE sukurtas taip, kad visai jo nejustum ir netrukdytų tavo WING FOIL sesijai. Neliečia vandens, nesipina ant foil stiebo.


The FOIL LEASH –LITE is a lighter, more compact version of the FOIL LEASH.Built using a very similar process tothe F-ONE wing wrist leash, the FOIL LEASH goes unnoticed while riding. This technology allowed us tousea reduced diameter, andashorter length leash, whichwon’t drag in the water or get tangled inside your foil.The specific bungee softness has beendesignedto make sure the board doesn’t slingshot back to you during a wipeout.

  • TECH

    Rail Saver

    Protects your board’s rails against friction

    Rigidpart (ankle strap)

    Rigid part, built in webbing sandwich construction, connected to the ankle strap so the rope doesn’t get tangled around your feet.

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